In 1996 the movie Twister came out.

photo by: kaity teer

it’s my favorite movie of all time.

I could write an entire blog dedicated to the movie TWISTER, but I will spare you. What you need to know is that from an early age (see me above watching a horse race with my snacks) I wanted to be a business woman, a scientist, and an artist (all three are in the movie TWISTER, btw). Not one or the other, but all three and everything in between.

For a long time my interests ranged all over and sometimes conflicted, leaving me confused and longing for a singular path like race horses on a track. I went through several different degrees in college, and even though I committed to one, I have had jobs in at least 5 different industries since I graduated 10 years ago.

After existing in this constant state of confusion for a while, I finally landed on something that works. After all of those jobs, I now appreciate that, by a happy accident, I ended up with a skill-set that actually helps businesses like yours. What I thought was my lack of focus on a singular interest in the beginning, ended up being the very best thing about me.

I am a modern Renaissance woman.



I think that an important quality of a modern and successful female entrepreneur is to be multi-skilled. I know I am not the only one out there. (Hey guys!)

Here’s what it means for you.

It means that you get cross-industry experience and skills in one package. It turns out my career wanderlust gave me extensive experience, and my wide-ranging interested helped me develop multiple valuable talents.

If you want to see what I can do for you, just reach out. I don’t want to send you through a fancy automated email series (there is a time and place for those too!), I like to communicate with new clients in a more personal way.

Let’s chat soon.

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