Someone really smart once said that not having a strategy is a strategy. I will add that it's a bad one, too. You know those brands with seamless connections between every single piece of content they produce? You're feasting your eyes on a brand that likely has a content strategy in place. #iwantthat. Here's a peek at how I help brands maximize the return on their content with content strategy. 



The content audit equals lots of time behind a computer screen combing the world wide web for your content. It's like reading the Matrix. I spot problems, opportunities, create goals, assess user journeys, and the list goes on. The content audit also reveals what sorts of documents are needed to create a strategy you can implement. 


Strategy documents are the result of raw research. They include resources such as persona profiles, empathy maps, customer journeys, workflows, competitive analysis, and more. I also take a look at what the goals, mission, and vision are for your brand, and create a complimentary set of objectives just for content.


My findings, suggestions, and resource documents are bundled in a content report. I outline the main takeaways, and suggest ways to implement strategies in the long and short term. In other words, you get a blueprint for producing content that is relevant, interesting, true to your brand, and engaging for your audience. 




Marguerite's super power is content strategy. She gave me step-by-step guidance on how to grow my company through discovery & communication. Her organization and strategic thinking has elevated my business tremendously.

Steve Lindgren, CEO Aux One Consulting,

Marguerite has in spades what others seem to struggle to find—ideas. She’s not just a writer; she’s a thinker. It’s why I’ve been happy to have her work for me in the past, and why I look forward to it again.

aaron wrixon, professional web content writer,