The Grand Gift Guide

Over the past couple of years, I have tried to be intentional, practical, and thoughtful with gift giving. It can be quite difficult to accomplish all three in one gift, especially if you feel led to give something to a SIL you barely know. But, I've found that even simply practical gifts are a big hit. 


A few notes on the gift guide. 

I am one who believes that gifts can come in all shapes and forms. If you're trying to do something different, buy responsibly, or just looking for good ideas then this is a great guide for you! They are all products I love and would buy/do for loved ones.


1. Deeply Rooted Magazine. You can buy it digitally or several issues at a time. It is a great gift for your favorite gal, sister, mother, officemate, and any lady in between. The content is beautifully designed and Christian in nature. It has beautiful stories, articles, DIYs, and recipes that are insightful, thought-provoking, and inspiring. 

2. Hook N Hide. This is a beautiful gift for the fella or fisherman in your life that also likes beer. (what a win!). They are handcrafted by an artisan in Charleston, SC. 

3. Tembo Leather Catchall by Fashionable. My dad has something like this for his wallet and change on his dresser. I've always thought it would be a great gift for anyone, not just dads. Fashionable works with "women both locally and globally, who have overcome challenges ranging from prostitution to addiction to lack of opportunity." A great way to support others and shop at the same time.

4. Club W. For anyone who appreciates wine or trying new wines. Send them a bottle or monthly membership. If wine is a no-go, there are similar memberships for all sorts of things: flowers, beer, chocolate, cosmetics. Take your pick!

5. Give the gift of education. That's just a dorky way of saying give someone a class! Cooking class, dance class, photography class, yoga class, online course, what have you. The options are endless. You can also get creative and give someone a wooden spoon or another cooking utensil to go along with their cooking class. For online classes check out CreativeLive.

6. Nimol Wristlet by Accompany. A versatile and lovely gift for any gal on your list. Fill it with pencils if she is an artist or seed packets if she is a gardener. Accompany carefully curates lists of artisan made and fair trade products. 

7. Give the gift of an experience. This could be my favorite, hands down. Taking someone to a concert or sporting event are usually popular gifts in this category. This year, my husband and I are giving each other a dinner date at the same place where we had our first date. (big sigh). The options are out there. What will you give?

8. Mesh Bangle by Noonday Collection. Full disclosure, I am an Independent Ambassador for this company and your purchase does wonderful things to empower artisans around the globe, and it puts a little jingle in my pocket too. Don't let that dissuade you, though! Their story is beautiful and their product is wonderful. See it for yourself!

9. Make something! Talk about practical, I plan on making hand sanitizer spray from a DIY I found in Issue 2 of Deeply Rooted (see number 1). You don't have to be crafty to do that, and it smells nice. The picture for number 9 is of a Staghorn fern. Here is a great tutorial to make one for someone by the folks at The Fresh Exchange.

10. This one is blank for a reason. Did you see my last post? Maybe you aren't supposed to have anything wrapped up to give. Maybe the best thing you can give someone is your time, love, and attention in a special way. Don't just show up and not say anything, though, or they won't know! Make an effort to set aside time to just be together. Grab a coffee, go for a walk. 

I hope you see something that is inspiring or helpful! Feel free to post any other ideas below. 

- M