The Best Gift for Yourself

May I ask you a question? How do you want to feel this holiday season? All too often I notice others and myself feeling rushed, pushed, guilted, and stressed. The moments of warmth and joy are few and never seem to last long enough. Knowing how you want to feel and what to do to get there is the best gift you can give yourself (and maybe others!) this Christmas. 

Have you thought about how do you want to feel this month? It's an odd question. Christmas is a time where everyone is supposed to feel the love and warmth of the season, right? Do they really? Do you really?

If it super stresses you out to buy gifts or find "the perfect gift," then I would urge you to not do it! It's OK. There are many ways to show someone you care and appreciate them. If you love shopping and giving is your love language, then this is a great time to spread the love. Oh, and don't let snarky relatives get the best of you. Let's figure this out. 

Do it with me. This holiday season I want to feel ____________.


This holiday season I want to feel relaxed, content, and grateful.


For me, slowing down is key to feeling these things. I've taken more walks, spent more time reading, and planned a few fun stops on my road trip to NC for Christmas. There is a swarm of emails in my inbox telling me to order Christmas cards before it's too late, tempting me to take advantage of deals and shop for that special someone. It all creates a false sense of urgency and induces stress that no one needs. Tune it out, delete it. I haven't sent a single Christmas card because I know it is a chore to just dig up addresses from who knows where. And, this year, that's OK. Instead, my plan to make one and send it when I feel like it. Yes, that means some people might be left off the list, and some might get sent a card after Christmas. Oh well, and that's OK too. I am funny about sending cards either way. I want them to say something, I want to say something, not show something. 


What will help you feel the way you want to feel? 


Maybe you want to feel exhilarated, adventurous, and wonderful. Those are amazing feelings! Think about what can get you there. How about a ski trip, hike, or capture the flag in the woods? Perhaps a Christmas parade or throwing a Christmas party will do the trick. Personally, venturing out to find the best Secret Santa gag gift has always been quite exhilarating ;)

Try to pass everything you do this month trough the lens of how you want to feel, and see what happens. Leave me a note below, I am curious to see how you want to feel during this holiday.

- M