what can I do for you?

What is content strategy?

Any business that produces and shares content with it's audience needs a content strategy. Content strategy helps businesses achieve their goals by maximizing the value of their content. In other words, why produce content (blog posts, social media, website, emails, etc) and just hope it will do something for you? 

what does a content strategist do?

Content in all its forms and through all its channels is always evolving. If you want content to produce results such as engagement or sales, it needs a strategy. That strategy often includes: research (producing a content audit), analyzing, planning, writing, editing, distributing, and monitoring content.  


why you shouldn't write your own copy.

If you're not a copywriter, you're not a copywriter. And that means you shouldn't write anything for your business. Good copywriters do things the average joe writer cannot do. It's an entirely different mindset, and approach when it comes to talking to a specific audience online.

the joys of hiring a copywriter

You get to have another cup of coffee. Your social pages will likely increase in engagement, and your website will get more traffic and conversions. The next thing you'll worry about is figuring out how to scale your business. Now, that's a good problem, right?


hand-crafted illustrations

The art of hand crafted illustrations adds can add personality and uniqueness to your brand or business. It can also be something nice to simply hang on the wall. My training in landscape architecture hand graphics gives me a unique perspective when it comes to illustrations. 


I love giving more life to boring documents, and adding just the perfect small detail. I am most comfortable designing longer format materials such as booklets, magazines, and reports. My style is simple, elegant but modern, and minimal.